Fossil Fighters Made It So I Can't Play Other JRPGs

A Fansite by Opiter Emptorius Academicus

Hello! I've never made a website before, but I'm making this as part of Critical Distance's Fansite Jam. Using the below pages, you can find all about why the obscure 2009 Nintendo DS monster collecting game Fossil Fighters is the best, and it really sucks that no-one seems to even know it exists.

WARNING: I do not even remotely care about spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This is the list of pages, which I will write up in some vaguely sensical order, hopefully:

Note: Most pictures are screenshots of Fossil Fighters taken by me in the Desmume emulator. Those that aren't will be captioned with their source. Also, shoutout to simonomi for making an invaluable save-state library for this game.